Training Centre

SKITUS Training Centre

Own training centre

We provide professional training for employees through our own training centre, the SKITUS Training Centre (STC). Here we filter and select workers who can learn workflows in a simulated factory environment to get the best possible preparation for different projects.

Providing skilled workers

    • testing (e.g.: writing-reading, logic, mathematics, tolerance for monotony)
    • personal interview
    • work sample test: production and sorting of samples given by our customers based on a work instruction
    • about our company
    • about the customer
    • about the project
    • work- and fire safety
    • theoretical training specific to the project
    • hands-on training: layout, environment of the workplace, documentation, etc.

In this centre we have developed workstations and workflows similar to the factory environment where our employees can gain practice in handling, documentation tasks, and learn different layouts.