Temporary work

Temporary work

Providing suitable candidates

We guarantee the recruitment and selection of pre-screened candidates according to the demands of our partners.


  • starting the work is fast and simple
  • we operate in accordance with the legislations
  • we have an own Training Centrum
  • we have a continuously developing recruitment strategy
  • we have regular satisfaction surveys as the opinion of our employees is important for us

Benefits of temporary work

Our customers are free of the administrative burdens of the employees.

We swiftly react to the requirements of our customers due to our considerable database.

Our projects are supervised by team leaders who maintain a privileged relationship with the customers and support our employees in every possible way.

Our recruiters are nationally present, so the geographic location of our customers does not cause any difficulties.


With strict adherence to the law, it is also important for us to respond as quickly as possible to problems. The self-developed SKITUS STAFF SYSTEM (SSS) is a direct communication channel between employees and the personnel department and is also available as a website and an application. This will increase the efficiency of HR processes and enables us to respond more quickly to the different needs of the workers.